Lansoprazole Price

Lansoprazole happens to be a Proton pump inhibitor (PPI), which lowers the rate of acid production in our stomach by blocking the acid producing H+/K+-ATPase enzymes in the stomach walls and depending upon its dosage the Lansoprazole Price and its effects vary.

The drug Lansoprazole is available in both brand and generic form. The branded drugs are costlier compared to the generic ones, although more or less equal amounts of Lansoprazole is applied in both the forms and both carry out their functions almost in the same way.

This medicine is available under quite a few brand names, for example the most commonly known Prevacid (in Canada and U.S.), Zoton (in Italy, UK, and Australia), Lanzol (in India, and Ireland), and many more. Lansoprazole in a generic form can be obtained in the many of the above countries as well as in places like Sweden, France, Mexico, Colombia, etc.

Before buying the drug you must go through the product description and product particulars or details in the product page of the website or the product package (if purchased from a online medical store). The product details you check should mainly include Lansoprazole Price, the expiry date, and the manufacturer.

While surfing internet you will come across various online pharmacies, which are reliable and offer you such drugs in reasonable rates. Moreover, they provide you with the option of home delivery too. You might end up getting impressive discounts while ordering your Lansoprazole through these online pharmacies. It is better to go for those strongly recommended websites, from where you can procure quality and safe medicines in real low prices.

The Lansoprazole Price also depends on the country you are buying it from. For example, in India the Maximum Retails Price or MRP (decided by the Government of India) of the drug would be Rupees 30 per 10 capsules. So compared to it if you go through the prices in US or other countries, you might find those prices quite high. To some extent this difference can be justified for the strict manufacturing procedures and quality maintaining techniques applied (especially for the branded drugs). However, in many cases the quality is the same but you still pay a lot more than you need to. So these online pharmacies are not always dependable and therefore never opt for those online deals where the product information is not satisfactory or transparent.

The generic as well as branded Lansoprazole capsules, normally come with strength of either 15mg or 30mg. According to certain brands the prices of 30, 90, 360 Lansoprazole tablets of strength 15mg might be around $9.00, $24.00 and $91.00. Similarly same number pills (30, 90 and 360) with strength of 30mg might cost you up to $14.00, $39.00 and $139.00. In case of proper branded Lansoprazole pills 30, 60 and 180 tablets of 15mg strength can charge you up to $99.00, $175.00 and $475.00.

Once your healthcare provider prescribes you this drug you can purchase it from a reputed medical store or you can order it online. The pharmaceutical companies have become pretty transparent about such products and can offer you a reduced Lansoprazole Price nowadays. Be sure to see’s main page about Lansoprazole side effects before exiting out lovely website.

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